Board of Advisors

We recognize that having a strong management team in place and a proven business strategy is critical to the success of our project. Since our portfolio is primarily driven by our focus on the industry as a whole, only the best minds in the industry have come together to achieve this historic feat. Our team includes notable blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, legal and financial professionals, and thought leaders in Tech.

Board of Advisors

Mohammed Abdulrahman Aljallaf

Board Member & Independent Director

Mr. Mohammed Abdulrahman Aljallaf has served on the board of directors for one of the most renowned companies in the UAE. After working at Emirates Bank for 16 years, he also introduced many ‘FIRST’ to banking technologies related to digital and internet banking in the UAE region.

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Dr. Naser Muhyealdeen

Lawyer – Legal Affairs GCC – MENA Region

Dr. Naser Muhyealdeen currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Global Investments Group. He brings onboard 17 years of international experience through his legal profession, while serving as a partner at Al Riyami Advocates & Muhyealdeen International Legal Consultants.

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Adel Amin Abdulla Al Mudharreb

Director - Business Development | Strategic Investment - MENA Region

Mr. Adel Amin Abdulla Al Mudharreb brings over 19 years of experience on board as a strategic business leader in the field of Engineering and Infrastructural Project Management.

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Hina Navin

Head of Brand Communications, Marketing and Content Strategy

Hina is an expert communication and marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience in areas of brand communications, content strategy, media relations and marketing. Over the years, she has acquired in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in delivering comprehensive internal/external marketing.

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Prakash Jaindani

Head – West Africa

Mr. Prakash Jaindani is an eminent UAE & African Industrialist of Indian Origin. He is the owner of SGGS Group of Companies. With his strong network in Africa and the Middle East and his indigenous approach of personal touch in all commercial deals, he has earned an industrial reputation for himself and his group.

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Fatima Ali Mohammed

Head of Communication-Africa

Fatima Ali Mohammed is a thought leader in Strategy, Brand Development, Consumer Relationships, NPD, Marketing, and Communication. She was the GM for Wilmar Africa and is known for re-creating and rebranding various brands across Africa across several industries including industrial, beauty, F&B, Telecom, and more. Fatima was the Governor of Kenya.

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Ahmad Abdul Hamid Abdul Karim Bin Fadil

Advisor - Business Strategist

Mr. Ahmad Abdul Hamid Abdul Karim Bin Fadil is a serial entrepreneur with businesses ranging from Technology to Oil & Gas. He has a rare mix of business and technical skills, intuitively recognising opportunities which are disruptive and solution oriented.

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Ashirwad Somani

Advisor – Exchange Operations

Mr. Ashirwad Somani is Chartered Accountant and entrepreneur who started his business in Asset management, Real Estate, Private Equity in Dubai 11 years ago and developed a company form a small team to one of the strongest companies in Dubai.

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Seyed Ansar Maulana

Community Head – Southern Asia

Mr. Sayed Ansar is a veteran Investment Advisor and a Corporate Management Consultant with in-depth knowledge in emerging business trends in rapidly changing global markets and has hands-on experience in facilitating and managing diversified investment portfolios.

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